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Quiz for Kurokos Basketball


-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Basketball is very popular manga (comic) It is a four quiz basketball Kuroko of (Kuroko). issues of basketball Kuroko (Kuroko) is more than 1400 questions!
Blu-ray of the second phase of the anime version, DVD also popular! It does not keep an eye on the basketball (Kuroko) Kuroko increasingly popular!
Even if you're not looking to have any (comic) version of either anime, manga I enjoy enough.
※ I will update from time to time if there is a response.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
Basketball lovers of Kuroko (Kuroko), basketball manga (comic) love, gather! Cartoon basketball Kuroko of (Kuroko) (Manga), animated television, movie mania large set! Quiz lovers welcome!
Is interesting enough to slam dunk like even look!
I have recorded the manga (not only manga), also quiz television and film animation. There is a description, such as "an excerpt from the first episode ○" Quiz TV anime.
※ We thought basketball style of Kuroko (Kuroko), giant wind march, Terra Formers style, such as quiz magi (MAGI) wind and because it is under construction intensive, we would like to publish from time to time.